mokoš: earth mother, wool spinner, hearth spirit, protector of animals and women

Named for this earthy and protective figure in Slavic folklore, Mokoš Farm & Fiber is a sustainable, woman-owned farmstead, specializing in dairy, fiber, and landrace poultry. We primarily raise organically-fed Nigerian Dwarf and Nigora Fiber goats alongside our mixed flock of landrace/heritage poultry and Angora rabbits--carefully bred with an emphasis on health and temperament alongside production. Located on the misty foothills of the Olympic Mountains, Mokoš is dedicated to nature-driven, biodiverse, and ethical farming to sustain our family and community.

Take a look at our mission statement for more information about our goals and management practices.

Contact us regarding goat, fiber, and chick sales, or come say hello and arrange a visit to the farm.