Mokoš Farm & Fiber is committed to sustainable, natural-as-possible practices and a balance of biodiversity and conservation. As a micro-farm, we have limited space to spare, and our livestock must be hardy, multi-functional, and cohesive. Together they create a healthy, permaculture ecosystem.


  • Robustly Healthy, Happy Animals: Healthy animals are our number one priority. Parasitical drug resistance is an ongoing concern around the globe, and we specifically select breeding animals who've shown limited need for intervention. We additionally support our animals' immune systems with organic feed, free choice minerals, herbal preventatives, and a modular pen system that intergrates our poultry to keep away nasty bugs. We also prioritize temperament and docility for easy handling and safety around children, and spend a lot of time playing, brushing, and singing to the animals. Animals that do not meet these standards will be culled or sold to a more suitable farm.

  • Productive Nigerian Dwarves: Due to their high butterfat content, Nigerian Dwarf goats make delicious dairy comparable to cow's milk, and above all, we want a small number of goats to produce a lot of good-tasting milk. Our goats have been selected from excellent dairy lines. We plan to enroll eligible does in ADGA linear appraisals and all does in monthly DHI testing.

  • Dual-Purposed Nigoras: To increase functionality and diversify the fiber goat gene pool, during the 2022-23 breeding season, we will breed our own first generation Nigora goats (Angora x Nigerian Dwarf Cross). A relatively new breed developed in the 90s, our ultimate goal is to create an F6 Nigora line that retains the dairy strength of our Nigerian Dwarf lines combined with luxurious fleece production.

  • Landrace Poultry Conservation: Unlike standardized breeds selectively developed for mass industrial operations, landrace breeds have naturally developed through environmental adaptation processes with minimal artificial interference. Typically, they are better foragers with inherently hardy immune systems, less inbreeding, and natural parenting skills. Unfortunately, many of these breeds are threatened today. Currently, we plan to raise and hatch Icelandic Chickens (currently endangered) and Blue Swedish Ducks (conservation watchlist) under the eye of our landrace Karakachan dog. You can learn more about heritage livestock conservation here.

  • Dam-Raising: We respect the cycle of life. With our goats, we choose goat does that we believe will make for excellent, strong mothers capable of passing their health and skills onto their offspring. Likewise, we consider broodiness a potential asset to be used appropriately in our hens. To provide the least amout of stress to the animals (and ourselves), our mother goats and their kids are kept together, barring medical emergencies, and socialized by us spending hands-on time with them.

  • Non-GMO, Sustainable Feed: Since we are unable to fully pasture our goats, we provide them with non-GMO or certified organic feeds from reputable companies who have demonstrated commitment to sustainable practices. Our flock is pasture-raised, foraging across the farm and supplemented with organic feed.